Rishaira, Grace, and the Big Branch Build - Crotoonia Storybooks


Grace and Rishaira are working hard together on a BIG job!

The Chipperton and Swahilli Railway is connecting up to Bakerloo Bakery to deliver fresh bread, cakes, and pastries to the resort, and the breakdown and building duo are on the contract for the new branch line!
But when Rishaira’s energy and Grace’s clumsiness cause last-minute trouble, will the two mighty machines get the line ready in time for the opening? Or will they need help to get the job done?

Starring two fan-favorite characters,, this fun-filled first-ever softcover storybook takes your favourite characters from the Railways of Crotoonia fanseries and brings their adventures into storytelling perfect for during the day or bedtime for your little engineers! And you'll meet a brand-new friend, TRENCH THE MINI DIGGER!