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Welcome to the wild and wonderful country of Crotoonia, where toons and trains work together to keep things right on track!
Join true blue Thomas, Tillie, Casey Jr., and Tracy as they and their many friends in the train yards and beyond get up to all sorts of adventures in teamwork, co-operation, and fun.
Guiding engines onto the railway is Sir Allen, who helps new friend Señor Chugga on his way with a special colection of stories!

Watch the True Blue Steam Team struggle with a big freight train, as they remember their own special talents to get the job done. Toot along with Shelbert as Montana teaches him that while you need to be safe, you also need to keep your stack. Join Rishaira and Grace as they come to the rescue of their fellow engines....as well as each other when Rishaira breaks down on their way to an emergancy job! And watch Katy Caboose go loose on a thrilling cross-country chase when Tootle loses her on the way to bring parts to mend new friend Camanida the Crane in Fausten.

Join your favourite friends and some new ones on these exciting adventures, and see how good friends can lead to great adventures!

- Four full-length episodes
- EXCLUSIVE "Sir Allen's Training Day" Featurette
- EXCLUSIVE "Home on Crotoonia" Quiz Game
- EXCLUSIVE Crotoonian Character Gallery
- Four BONUS Meet the Crotoonians shorts
- Four BONUS Music Videos